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  1. Thanks. I have their number and will give them a try.
  2. I have a KVH TracVision LF/SF 2004 satellite and have not been able to get it to lock on to the satellite. It has been working just fine and then bam it quit. I talked to a service guy and he told me that the company was out of business and he couldn't fix it or find parts for it. I go on line and see their web site is still active, however, they do not identify this particular unit and model. Has anyone had similar problems and if so have they been able to find a tech to fix it? Is it something like just needing reprogrammed like one fellow told me or more serious than that. Thanks for any help.
  3. larrybla

    HWH Jacks

    I have a 2005 Mandalay diesel pusher and just had my jacks worked on last year. Now when level my coach one of my front jacks is straight and the other is at an angle. Is that normal or could I still have a problem?
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