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  1. Has anyone traveled the detour from Flagstaff to Page AZ on the detour for 89 due to the fire? Wondering what the road is like as we have a 40ft class A.
  2. I have a 40' Eagle and a Chevy Tahoe Toad. I have been researching TPS flow-through systems for a 10 wheel application but the reviews seem very mixed. Battery issues, water damage and O ring failures seem to be common. What recommendations my fellow RV'ers have for me?
  3. I have a 2001 American Eagle 40 with a Cummings 350/Allison. I run the passes and hills in Colorado really well using the Allison Mode to manage heat and grade. But, the coach is 33,000lbs and I tow 8,000 to 12,000 in toys and as I understand it, I am under powered. I have told I need 10 horses for every 1,000 pounds of weight so my 350hp is short by about 100hp. This combined with the high heats of the desert, heat me up pretty quickly. I do drop the toad off when I think the incline and heat may bee to excessive. I am rigging a misting system for the radiator fins this trip to help cool. The 350hp seems to have the strength to pull the load if the heat issue is contained. I am installed the misters here in LV and planning to pull the passes on 15 to Powell in a few days. Hopefully this will solve my heating issue but any info on pull-outs would be helpful in the event that I need to drop the toad off.
  4. We are heading from Vegas north on I-15. The pass before you get to St. George looks pretty rough. Anyone know if there are pullouts in case of needing to un-toad? Anyone have overheating issues?
  5. We are looking for storage for our 40ft class A near Salt Lake, actually anywhere north of I-70 and I-15. Prefer indoor but outdoor covered would be ok. Need it from end of May until September. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  6. We are in our mid 50's and are getting a quote for the FMCA Health Insurance Plan. Does anyone out there use it as their primary insurance? Is it worth it? I would like anyone's feedback on their experience with it. From what I have been told by the "agent" I spoke to it sounds very good and affordable. Thoughts?
  7. We have a 2001 American Eagle and need to have both windshields replaces. Many shops are telling us they won't work on anything more than 10 years old. Can anyone recommend a glass company in western US - Colorado, Arizona, Nevada
  8. wood6406


    Thanks everyone for the information. I have owned this coach for 5 years and have always had the heat issue. The problem has not worsened with repairs and has remained the same. As far as the coolant returning to the overflow, a small portion does but after a 300-400 mile run with overheating, once cooled I may have it just below the lowest acceptable level. I will fill it back up to the full line for next trip. I live in Colorado and can run most any Colorado pass in the fall or winter with out heating. It seems to be outdoor temp related when I have the issue. My WJ Cherokee is a little on the heavy side to do some aftermarket alterations. I did have to have the radiator replaced about 3 years ago and the shop "Transwest" could only find a used one for my 2001 Eagle so I had that installed. I would love to put a brand new one in if anyone has any info on where I might get one. As a side note, I have had nothing but horrible experiences with Transwest here in Fredrick Colorado and after 8 visits trying to get issues resolved, I never returned. Freedom RV in Tucson is amazing and if anyone has info on a good shop here in Colorado that would be greatly appreciated. Again thanks for all the great responses and advice. I have a few things to try on my next run.
  9. wood6406


    I have a 2001 American Eagle 40 foot with a Cummins 350 that weights 33k. I tow a Grand Cherokee that weighs 8k. I am told that I need and estimated 10 horse for every 10k of weight so I am somewhat under powered. I have had my radiator fins pressure cleaned, the cooling system flushed and pressure tested and the fans tested to make sure they are kicking on and running at the appropriate time/temp. Additionally I have changed out the thermostat to make sure it is not sticking or causing flow issues. On hill climbs in Colorado, Arizona and Nevada I will constantly overheat and have to pull over to cool. I use the Alison mode to run between 2200 and 2400rpm during climbs to increase circulation but eventually my alarm kicks off. I never heat to critical levels but alarms start at about 190 or 200, normal running temp for this coach is 160-170. My temp gauge goes up to 240 but I never heat more than 200-210 but I don't like running that hot and the alarm is distracting. Besides the climbs, I saw last week this heating on flats in Nevada. Of course the outside temp was 100 but I would not have expected overheating on flats. Now in the fall and winter months most climbs and all flats don't cause overheating due to the cooler air. The engine is well kept, has about 75k on it and fluid and filters are constantly maintained. Now what is very strange is that I lose about 1/3 gallon of coolant every 400-500 miles. It does not drip out as I have zero leaks under the coach. It is not making it's way into the engine as engine fluids show absolutely no signs of moisture. I have had the system pressure tested 3 times to make sure I don't have a high temp hiss/steam leak and the reservoir tubes and cap are not leaking. My questions are as follows. 1. Does this just sound like a HP issue and that the 350 just can't handle the 41k pounds of coach and toad? 2. Any ideas where the coolant may be going? Some have suggested it may be leaking into the turbo but that makes no sense to me 3. Does anyone know of an after market turbo monitor gauge so I can monitor that with RPM? 4. Are there any after market cooling systems that can be put on to help with the overheating or do I just need to buy a new coach with a larger engine? Thanks for reading!
  10. We have a 40ft American Eagle towing a Jeep Grand Cherokee and are wondering about the drive from Ouray, CO to Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway. We live in Colorado and are used to mountain passes but have heard we might want to avoid this one. Thoughts?
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