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  1. Thanks for your input I taped a magnet to the door as a temporary fix
  2. Thanks for your input I taped a magnet to the door as a temporary fix
  3. Thanks for you input I tape a magnet to the door as a temporary fix
  4. Thanks for your input I taped a magnet to the door and it works as a temporary fix Thanks for your input I taped a magnet to the door as a temporary fix
  5. I have a 2017 Coachman Mirada and the 2 of the 3 screen door hinges broke and I do not see anyway to replace the hinges. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so how do you fix the hinge. We are leaving on another trip in 2 weeks so I need a quick resolution. If I remove the screen door the automatic steps will not retract when you start the engine. Does anyone know of a way to manually raise the steps?
  6. I am not familiar with the watering system, what does it do and where do you get one?
  7. Yes, I bought the coach new, called the dealer service dept. and had to leave a message, also called Coachman left a message, no one has called me back. I do have an inverter/converter and use it when traveling, always have RV plugged in when not traveling. What battery do you recommend?
  8. Thanks I will go on line at Sam's and look at the dimensions on their 6v golf cart batteries. Do not have a Costco near me.
  9. Thanks for the input there are 2 six volt batteries.
  10. I have a 2017 Coachman Mirada and need to replace both 6 volt house batteries, I have pulled the batteries and there is no information of any kind on the batteries, no manufacture, voltage, amps, nothing. How do I find what kind of battery I need to replace the old ones? The batteries are 10 1/4" by 7" by 9" tall, that is all the information I have.
  11. Thanks for the info, will have to check it out. My experience with the free fishing lakes are that they have a small pond and catch and release policy.
  12. I am looking for recommendations for a nice RV park on good fishing lake in Flordia, where sites are on the waters edge and that has good accommodations also.
  13. I have an older motor home that is 30 amp, I'm going to a private campground that only has 50 amp hookup. Is there some sort of adapter I can get to plug my 30 amp cord into a 50 amp outlet?
  14. Thanks for the tips. I just ordered The Next Exit.
  15. I am new to FMCA and I just purchased a new 36 foot RV in NY and drove it to my home in GA. I had trouble finding gas stations where my RV would fit. I am currently having my RV set up to tow my vehicle and we are planning a trip to New England in three weeks. Since I had trouble finding a gas station with only the RV, I am concerned it will be even harder to find a station pulling a vehicle. I see RV's pulling vehicles all the time. Is there some way to locate gas stations that can accommodate RV's pulling vehicles?
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