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  1. We’re going to be driving across the country and think that it’s good to have two drivers any suggestions for my wife’s new to RV driving tips?
  2. Thanks all. Pretty much what I figured just wanted to check to be sure.
  3. In preparing for our first cross country trip we have noticed that some states have a low restriction on the combined length of your RV and Toad ie: 53feet. Our combined length is 56feet. Has anyone had a problem with this. NH, SC, and AR are the three with the lowest combined length. Does anyone pay attention to this restriction? Any info appreciated. Tim Herman
  4. Thanks all of this helps. We bought a Holiday Rambler Vacationer 32A and want to take the kids and grandkids totaling 6 so hence the 6-7 passenger vehicle.
  5. Thanks for the post. We have studied the FMCA guide and consumer reports, not much out there if you want reliability too. We like the Jeep Grand Cherokee but it has a lousy score. We want 7 passenger as well which kind of leaves a GMC Arcadia, Buick Enclave and the Ford Explorer. The Ford is rated low but the Buick and GMC have good ratings. The Lincoln MKX isn't too bad with rating but with 5 seats. We want to use the car as a main vehicle as well so we want reliability. Another question the tow rating is 5000 lbs all of the cars we have looked at are 6000lbs. Any comments?
  6. New to RVing and looking at purchasing a new suv to flat tow. Does anyone have any recommendations? We have the towing guide list but are also looking for recommendations or warnings on what tow not to tow. thanks
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