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  1. Just found ours last week. It was on Board #12, Fuse #4 in the front run box labeled 12V Dash. It is a blue 15a fuse. (This is on a 2004 Signature.) On a friends Monaco Diplomat, his was in the upper left portion of the run box but still labeled 12V Dash.
  2. The pump make and number are listed on your Monaco Recreational Vehicle Data Card. Ours is listed as a Sauer CPB 1184 LUK. You're right, the fan pump is list separately as Sauer B-5511-01157-210. Can I ask what the issue is with your current pump?
  3. My HWH Auto Leveling system (model AP25420) installed on our 2004 Monaco Signature class A motor home is not leveling automatically. This is an air only leveling system. I sent in the drivers control panel a few months ago and had it checked and also replaced the 12v aux air pump for the system. I also checked the fuses (in the Monaco left front run box) and repaired a broken ground wire on the drivers control panel. It now works in manual level mode, but still is not working in automatic level mode. Last night I started the engine and pumped up the air system, then manually raised the front and lowered the rear of the coach. I then hit Cancel on the drivers control panel, and then I hit the Air button once. The Air LED and the four corner warning LEDs light up red. Then I hit Air again and the four corner warning LEDs go out and the Air button instantly dims and flashes rapidly. Nothing else happens. The other four leveling LEDs (1 in front, 1 in rear, and 1 on each side of the bus picture on the control panel) do not light up and the coach does not level. I would expect the front leveling LED to light, because the front was very high and the rear was very low. I also ran the Auto Level sequence while observing the basement HWH leveling control box. When we depress Air on the cockpit panel, two yellow LEDs light on the left front (drivers) side and one yellow LED on the right front of the basement control box light up. There is also a red LED in the rear of the control box that is barely visible. When we depress Air again, the three yellow LEDs turn red. I need troubleshooting help for the next step? Are there fuses internal to the basement control box that should be checked? Should I remove the basement leveling control box and send it in to be checked? Thanks for the assistance.
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