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  1. Hello, I have an A diesel now but I am downsizing (1st Mate won't drive it). I'm going to purchase a "C" probably in the next few months. I've noticed that no "C" manufacture has air bags as an option. I realize that it's only a secondary assist (springs do the work) but does it help the ride or the handling? The manufacturers obviously don't think so. So, what do the real world folks, you guys, think? Thanks, Ray
  2. Hi, Assuming your towed vehicle can actually be towed on all fours, is there a system that would apply the brakes on the towed vehicle in the same way as trailer brakes? Reference: Tow vehicle is Class C without air brakes. Ray
  3. Hi, In general, do air bag installations help give you a smoother ride on class C's, assuming other factors like alignment, balance, and quality tires have been taken care of. Thanks, Ray
  4. Hi, 1) I'm looking at an 18,000 mile '06 Country Coach. It is in nice shape. Needs a few things but nothing that's a deal buster. Except the tires. The owner put a set of 11Rx22.5 H rated GOODRIDE tires on this unit. Never heard of that tire brand, Found out they're Chinese made. Don't know that much about tires but I'm skeptical about these babies. A front blow out at 65 could ruin my whole day!! Any body got any positive experience with these tires? 2) Maybe a good set of Michelin's on the front? 3) There are a bunch of mainline tires on the market. The tire programs by FMCA look really good. My question is which of this vast array RIDES the best even if it doesn't have the best mileage longevity. The tires I put on will time out before they wear out. Better to get the ones with the better ride. Any thoughts? 4) Suggestions and advice would be appreciated. Ray .
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