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  1. THANKS people, I never thought about the rig, thought it would tell me which way you want the levels to go so up arrow SHOULD be bring the levelers UP but NO, up means the rig is going to go up from that button being pushed. I have been just thinking up means down and down means up but now thinking about what will it do to the RIG it makes it easier, THANKS!!
  2. Do not walk on roof with shoes or boots that can catch rocks and pebbles, THAT can rip your roof. Do not go on roof that has no ladder, that usually is because the manufacturer does not feel it is safe to walk on roof.
  3. I took my rig for an oil change, 2003 Newmar Mountainaire gas with GM Vortec engine. All went well except the mechanic showed me the brake fluid, said it though goopy, then stick his finger in and showed me it was thick and now very fluidly but clear. Said he had never seen anything like it. NOW, THE same place did a big brake job a year ago where my rear brake totally locked up so towed in and they fix it but nothing else done by any other place. I thought you NEVER put your fingers in the brake fluid etc and what would make it slightly thickened? The Brakes Work fine.
  4. gas engine and the brakes locked up due to frozen caliper so new calipers on both rear wheels and pads of course. NEW lines because the line on the wheel with frozen caliper was pretty groady so replaced. I had another mechanic look when it was locked up and he was the one who said to replace the lines but the truck place did say they needed it so did it. NOT cheap but my life is worth more than brake lines (Hydraulic)
  5. Very cool ideas, I want to display mine but was in quandary as to where and how to display it. I like suction cups on windshield up high.
  6. I have ABS light on and same day the check engine light went on and the wrenches went on, took to mechanic and he put the computer on to see the faults and it read lots of electrical faults and when having cleared the faults, the brakes locked up and he had to put it up to get the brakes to release. NOW says it is an "electrical catastrophic event" and tried a ABS module but says that did nothing so...... not sure. It is my tow vehicle and has worked great for a couple of years. IF any ideas please let me know. My mechanic does all German cars but he is stuck and I do not want to take to MB dealership, THEY will rip me off.
  7. NOT SO, I have a 2009 that I tow without problems. There is a procedure that requires step by step turning key and holding break and wait for electronics to shut down etc. I have a battery shut down so I do not burn up the battery since the key is left in but far to left as possible but it allows the steering wheel lock to not lock. It is in owners manual I believe.
  8. I needed the plate and wiring done to be able to pull my Smart Car, had the tow bar etc and it cost me almost $2000, they had to take the front of the car off to get the plate done right and hidden.
  9. I bought a 2003 Newmar Mountainaire in 2016. The leveling system which is i think is HWH but not 100%. On the panel the arrow pointing UPward means to use it to put the leveler DOWN and the arrow pointing down means to put the leveler up. Kind of crazy but maybe it is for a reason!!! ANYONE know the rationale of this kind odd thing?
  10. I HAVE FMCA Roadside called Roadside Rescue. I called yesterday at about 1:30 pm to say my brakes had locked up on the rear passenger side of my 36 ft Class Motorhome and needed a tow for Motorhome with "locked up brakes". ONE hour later I had not heard back so I called back to see when the tow would be there and was told, "an agent is working on finding you a tow truck" . Mind you, I was 15 miles south of Boston MA. Some time later I was called that the tow truck was coming from a town about 40 miles away from me, and it would be about 90 min. I called them about an hour later and was told he had not left yeat due to being on another call, and traffic was bad since now it is about 3:30 PM , he got there about 4:45 pm or 5 pm. He immediately was irritated that they told him it was motor problems by the Roadside Rescue personnel who I was very clear with that the BRAKES ARE LOCKED UP. So since it is 36 ft long and 12'4" tall raising it was or should be out of question and not good raising it in front which is what he was tasked with doing was not going to work. The Roadside Rescue people should have gotten equipment to me that could do the job of putting the rear on a dolly kind of thing or whatever. I was lucky I was in a parking lot and not out on the highway. I was VERY lucky that the man who came with the tow truck was an experienced guy and he figured out a way to pull it back end up backward down the road which is very hard to do, due to aerodynamics of the rear of the rig being pulled forward. He had to pull the rig to the Truck repair shop a number of miles (but within the number allowed to be towed) so it took about an hour and half due to going very slowly so no damage would occur to the Motorhome. I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL W ITH ROADSIDE RESCUE OF FAMILY MOTOR COACH. I do realize it is a contracted company from FMCA but maybe they need to find another company to contract with if the operators do not listen or do not know what they really need to know and convey to the towing company so they can bring the correct equipment. I was very lucky with the tow company that had a very experienced operator who thought outside the box and got the job done. NO THANKS TO ROADSIDE RESCUE!!
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