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  1. looking for parts front passenger interior door pull
  2. I have 2002 Newmar Motorhome Class A and need some help on identifying a problem I am having. I purchased all new batteries last year for the motorhome and made the house batteries 12 volt. The motorhome has been in the garage since March this year. I have gone out twice the last 6 weeks to start it and each time the batteries are dead, I notice there is corrosion in the battery tray and all terminals are clean on the 4 batteries. Any advice of what is causing dead batteries as well as the corrosing in battery tray
  3. Does anyone have a diagram, sketch or picture of the water connections behind the water panel or service bay. I took mine apart due to installing new water pump and fixing a leak behind the panel. I took the panel off but now cant remember which water lines goes to two lines. Attached is a picture of my water panel. Its Newmar 2002 Kountry Star Class A Model 3669. I contacted Newmar for a diagram of the connections behind the panel but model is too old they do not have. Attached is a picture before I took it apart, and I thought I took picture before I started working on it but evidently I did not. Appreciate any help at all. i
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