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  1. Really can't see the actual ball valve. Tiffin has it hidden behind a plastic "make it look pretty" cover. However, when going from fill tank to city water there is a noticeable sound difference. When filling the tank, I can hear the water. But on the city water, there is no rushing water sound. Going to go after the micro switch next. Will I have to drain the tank in order to remove the pump?
  2. Just changed the filter, problem still exists. Where is this microswitch located? Anyone know what it looks like
  3. Keeps running at full speed. Last long time I let it run was for little over an hour.
  4. Water dies not come out of the hose when the pump is on but not connected to water faucet. Where would this micro switch be located? On the pump or where?
  5. I run the fresh water with 66percent. The valve is turned to the city water side. There are only two positions on the water valve. City water and fill tank.
  6. 2015 Tiffin Phaeton. Water pump continuously runs when turned on. When the switch is off so is the pump, but flip the switch on and it runs constantly.
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