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  1. Thank you to all! The people from the number in the guide I received responded to an e-mail apologizing and letting me know do provide support. I ended up driving into town and was able to get it working. When I was home it acted like there was no signal. I got it working in town with 3 bars. Now that I'm back home I have 3 bars at home now. I've been in IT for 20+ years and this was a weird result but it's up and working so as I've learned over the years, you just have to settle for being glad its working! Next step, I'm connecting it to a WiFi Ranger in the next few days so I can do some testing.
  2. I just received my Sprint Mifi 8000 MiFi device today. It is failing to connect to the internet and I can't find a good tech support number. The number that came with the start up guide will only handle Carrier calls. It tries to connect and then says to contact customer service. Any thoughts?
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