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  1. Thanks for your recommendation's Bill & Chris!...I'll try reaching out to Fleetwood 'again' ...I didn't have much luck before...but what a giant hassle this has become, but 'that's RVing for ya' No worries tho...it'll get repaired eventually...👍
  2. 6/30/22 Our 2002 Class A Fleetwood Storm has a broken bedroom slide 'gear'...the VonWeise V05726AH88 motor runs fine, but the gear on the end of the spindle that drives the slide in& out is missing teeth. VonWeise appears to be out of business. I've tried many 'many' places and all the 'go to' places (like Camping World) etc. and am desperate for any help at all to find the same part (including motor is fine), or an alternate. We live in So. Calif. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions George - FMCA Mem. no - F456358
  3. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere we can use our slow cooker while driving between destinations ...I 'think' I just need to plug into our inverter, correct? have any reservations of taking points please?
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