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  1. LOL. Yea, we are stopping in FL with my mother later this month on her way back up north just to get a sliding glass window repaired. I am thinking that we should leave her RV down there to have the repairs done.
  2. I am in the northeast, the greater Philadelphia area and also looking for an Ernie. Both my mother in her 2002 Monaco and my husband and I in our 2007 Dynamax need our floors replaced, as well as the sofa in the Monaco. Anyone in this area have a suggestion? We have a Camping World nearby but I have never heard great feedback on their service.
  3. Heading into Jefferson City/Columbia, MO area for the weekend of Aug 1 and 2. Looking for a place to stay for a 50 footer--MH and equip trailer. 50 year old couple. Any suggestions?
  4. As I write, we r heading to Premiere Truck Group just west of Knoxville for dash air issue—Freightliner Oasis Center. Called them first thing this morning and they told us to come on in and they’d see what they could do. Their service hours are 7am-midnight! Our blower on our dash air will work fine and then kicks down to very little volume. Heading south to Austin/Fredericksburg in July—yikes😒! Keep ya posted.
  5. Sooooo...we went to Eastport and stayed at Seaview. Stayed three nights. LOVED IT! Some regulars took us right in! Loved being on the water. Day trips 50 miles all around. Check to see if bar and rest is still open on premise---it was great--the people and the food! Lubec was close to take a ride too also. We love northern ME--thee people are exceptionally nice! Thanks for the info for in and around this area!
  6. Ah, thanks a bunch for the info...we were not aware of the phone piece!
  7. Looking to spend two days in the northern end of Maine--folk festival and would like to scoot across to check out the Roosevelt camp. I have looked at both Seaview Campground in Eastport and Sunset in Lubec. Can I get some feedback on the two towns and/or the campgrounds? We do like that we read Seaview in Eastport has its own lounge on site--thought that might give us the opportunity to meet some folks. We like to find the little divey places to eat and grab a cold beer.
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