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  1. Hello, Does anyone have a solution for the heat penetrating in thru the shower dome? I have a temporary cover ( reflective material duck taped) to the surface of the dome. Looks ridiculous. I really do not want anything stuffed up inside the shower dome. Is there a clear cover you can add that won't break the bank? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks guys , I will check out Home Depot and get a spacer. Great idea that won't be obvious. Tracy Lynne
  3. Hello forum. This is my first post. Can anyone suggest a way to modify the mounting bracket of a back up camera. I purchased a Tadi Brothers digital back up camera but was unaware it mounted only above the RV. (yes, I called them and they only supply this bracket) I want to mount mine to the rear of the coach like all factory installs. I need some type of extender or separate bracket. The antenna at the back of the camera jams against the back of the RV preventing it from tilting far enough to see the top of the car. Thank you in advance
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