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  1. I appreciate the thought, but in fact as I look around 99% of the toggle switch covers I see for sale do exactly what this one does. Leaving the cover open isn't an option IMHO because it's spring loaded and one bump could change the switch position. I'm going to install a shield, which is nothing more than a piece of aluminum flanking the switch on both sides protecting it from inadvertent movement. My real interest though is understanding why Jeep includes this in the kit when their instructions have you move the switch and leave it there while you tow ...
  2. I have a question about the Mopar Flat Tow Wiring Kit operation. Mine was installed a couple of weeks and the use of a cover on the toggle switch puzzles me. If you are towing, you're supposed to move the switch up, but doesn't the cover move the switch back down if you close it?
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