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  1. Bill, IT is crowded in just about every vertical market segment, but if the offering has really good innovation, is priced properly, fills a true void and WORKS the odds shift by quite a significant amount.... I like my chances.
  2. Oh, and my RV experience is that I grew up in Elkhart building travel trailers with my Dad, we had a little company named Globestar....
  3. my wife is a quilter, i am in IT and can work from anywhere. going to setup the rear as her studio. one of her goals is to create quilts aimed at RVers plus window treatments,etc.. I spend a lot of time online. I plan on offering IT - WIFI - connectivity configurations focused on RVers. So that floor plan might be strange to some, but we believe it will work for us... maybe we will see some of you on the road
  4. The Monaco Camelot / Holiday Rambler Scepter 42PLQ is our favorite floor plan. I am looking for other manufactures that have a comparable model and have not found a site that would give that information. Does anyone know of others that have the "rear lounge" setup? Or can point me to a site that has a matrix of floor plans?? Thanks for the help
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