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  1. The new relay came today. Installed it and held my breathe when I turned the key on. Still no neutral indicator. Not really a surprise because I don't have power at the post marked neutral safety on the terminal block in the compartment next to the ECU. I Have done as Wolfe suggested and took all connector apart and reseated them. I checked all fuses including the supply voltage and the two inside the box with the 6 relays, VIM, I think its called. Still no neutral light. If it has anything to do with anything I know that the gear selector is good because I have a brand new one that I plugged in with the same results. Any ideas??? Thank you Just a thought. What happens if you do shut off the motor while in gear? I don't believe that's the case here but I'll try anything.
  2. Thank you for the sugestions. What I've found so far is that the fuses where the power originates are good and that there is power to the latching relay when the key is in the start position. That relay doesn't switch so I am ordering one to see if that is the problem. It looks like there has been a problem with this system in the past because there are several spiced wires attached. The dash AC blower does work with the key on. Thanks again
  3. I have a 1998 HR Imperial with a Cummins 325 and Allison trans. Today it decided not to turn over. Batteries are a year old and fully charged. Connections all seam to be good. Dash lights come on when key is on. Everything seams as usual except that the the shift selector is not lit. I don't see any reference in the manual to where the Allison control unit gets power. Thank you
  4. On my 1998 HR Imperial I had this problem with the jacks all up yet no travel light. Unfortunately during Irma with no Internet conection. I got those obnoxious alarms quiet after trying everything I could think of to remedy the problem. Drove 675 miles home and today, after reading feedback here, filled the reservoir and travel light is on. On mine it showed the right rear jack as the trouble. As soon as I filled the reservoir no more red light on right rear. You will need to cycle the jacks and fill as needed to be sure it's full though. Run all jacks all the way out and back a few times and then recheck the reservoir and top it off.
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