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  1. Thanks much, seems simple enough. How strong is the spring tension? one person job?
  2. I have a 2014 Venatna LE, with Dometic slide toppers. the topper on my widest slide has loosened . it is noisy in the wind and I am worried about it tearing. I have contacted Dometc and they were no help.I have viewed videos on You Tube, but they cover replacement. Seems it should be easy enough to adjust the tension. Can anyone offer a "How To"
  3. my widest slide has slack in the topper, very annoying when windy. I have a Newmar Ventana with Dometic slide toppers. I want to adjust the tension to take out the slack. I have seen many videos on replacing the fabric, but none of them are adjusting the tension. Would love some guidance.
  4. We have a 2014 Newmar Ventana LE. the washer drips randomly when off. I checked the valves and hoses. Removed, cleaned and reinstalled.No sign of leakage at these points. last time we used it n the evening, i heard it begin dripping at 4:00 AM. the problem seems to be only on the cold water, side. Aside from the dripping sound. We have water in the catch pan, but no sign of leak. if I turn off the cold water valve, the leak stops. Before I remove the machine and begin to disassemble ,then hopefully find the problem. I thought I would check to see if anyone has had a similar problem.
  5. So, we just read the content previously posted on the question of caravan or not. Alaska is on my wife's bucket list, so we are going. We called fantasy tours yesterday, and was surprised by the $9800 00 price tag .Just this past March at the Perry convention it was offered for $6000.00. We are full timing, but only since this past October. We have heard of the challenges the terrain can put on your coach. So we thought the caravan would be best. We cannot discern a clear answer from the previous post. At $9800.00 do those who have made the trip, caravan or not ,believe it s worth the cost, or at that price , better to take the risk of going on your own?
  6. We purchased a Garmin 770 , to keep us out of trouble when traveling. Thus far we have not hit an overpass we could not pass under, and have not had to disconnect the toad, for the dreaded unexpected back up. However it is not perfect. we have a class A 12 ‘ 6 “ high, 35 long not including the toad. We are planning a trip from Athens Tennessee to Wilmington NC. The Garmin is taking us down to Columbia SC , then up to Wilmington. Seems like there should be a more direct route. Any suggestions?
  7. We have been on the road for two moths, 6 more to go. The coach is filthy on the outside. We have not stayed anywhere that will allow us to wash the coach. Has anyone fond a nationally based Truck or RV wash they re satisfied with? Any ideas on a reasonable cost? Is this a service you can pulling off the road, and have the coach cleaned while you wait? Thanks
  8. We bought our 2014 coach in April. We took several small trips , to test everything and begin to get our coach legs under us. All worked well. Beginning the first week of October, we started extended travels. We spent the entire month in the coach traveling New England. Sometime during these travels the drivers side bedroom slide, began not completely extending. The trouble seems to be the right top corner as your facing the slide. I watched as my wife extended the slide. The mechanism is all at the base of the slide, so I was not surprised to see the top of the slide at an angle as the slide extended. However the top right falls behind, by about 2 inches. I can push it out easily from the inside,once the slide is extended, to seal against the coach wall. I called Newmar, they tell me it is just an adjustment, but must be done by a dealer. If it is just an adjustment, I would prefer to do it myself. We are living in the coach now, and I do not want to be at a dealer for an extended time. Any solutions?
  9. We purchased a 2014 Honda CRV, because it is the last year before the CVT trans, which means it is the last year you can flat tow. Our first trip was about 6 hours, car started with out a problem. Next tow was about 5 hours and the battery was dead. The battery is the original. I believe the problem is the battery. I'm hoping replacing with a deep cycle will do the trick. Before I spend the extra for a deep cycle, I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience, and what their solution was.
  10. Thanks, but I am lead to believe the interstates restops have them for no fee.
  11. We recently learned that some of the rest stops on major highways have dump stations. After having googled and looking at several links, I cannot tell how to identify those stops that have them. Does anybody know how to readily identify these locations?
  12. Thank you all for your replies. My decision was actually made by happenstance. A friend, now of a widow, who had sold her coach, after her husband had passed. For some reason she had kept the towing package. I was able to buy the Roadmaster tow bar, even brake, and wireless lights for roughly half price. May have been used once or twice. I am having the base-plates installed on our Honda CRV this week. Then we are ready to tow. Before we head off into the sunset, I still need a Kayak and bike carrier. My preference would be a combo roof system to mount to the CRV. Has anyone had any experience in this area?
  13. Still rookies, so continue to forgive the ignorance. We are going to purchase a 2014 Honda CRV to flat tow. Last year before the CVT trans. We own a 3433 Ventana LE. I have narrowed down our choices to Blue OX or Road Master. Looking at the choices, you can pick either RV mount bars or car mount. RV bars are significantly more expensive. Can anyone explain the practical differences? Any recommendations on which style to go with and why?
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. I ran into another Ventana owner. Their hose was significantly more flexible than mine. I ordered a Camco flex hose extension, that did the trick.
  15. We are new owners of a 2014, 3433 Newmar Ventana LE. We cannot connect the stinky slinky, through the whole in the bottom of the bay to the coach connection. I have tried a 45, and 90 degree elbow, but they do not solve the problem. Not an earth shattering issue, we can always connect before we dump, but I would like to be able to connect and close the bay door. Nothing special or modified about our coach, so we cannot be the only coach with this challenge. Hoping for a solution.
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