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  1. Do any of you own and tow a Polaris Ranger RZR Model? I have seen a couple of transporting methods. The RZR is too wide to fit in my Explorer Sport Trac, so that's out. And most states have a 65-foot max length. I've seen one device that mounts on the back of the motorhome like the motorcycle transport only with two wheels added, and it has a receiver hitch added to tow the toad. Smart trailers also has a couple. What I'm looking for is people who are taking their toy with them.
  2. Check smarttrailers.com they have a trailer that looks good.
  3. If any of you Veterans are in Yuma, AZ take a look at the Military Memorial in down town Yuma, it is very well done. By the way Yuma, Proving Grounds Army Base has a very nice RV Park. Check out the Military RV Parks web sites.
  4. One: Jar Head Two: U.S.M.C Three: 22 Years Four: Master Sergeant (E-8) Five: 5711 (Special Weapons) Six: Hawaii 3/4, Camp Pendelton, Camp Lejeune, Vietnam 1st Eng. Bn. MCAS Yuma, AZ Japan, Korea, Guam.
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