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  1. Took the RV to a Ford dealership and they found the issue. There are contacts under the passenger seat with a Honeywell alarm system. When the emergency brake is released the alarm will sound if the contacts are too far apart. One contact is screwed into place while the other is attached with velcro. The contacts can be easily pushed closer together if they have separated due to vibration or swiveling the seat. I will contact Winnebago about a better solution but at least the source is known. Hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem. Thanks for the suggestions. Greg
  2. Thanks - there are no jacks. I called Winnebago and they referred me to Ford. I am taking it in to a dealership tomorrow but wanted to see if any other ideas.
  3. We have a 2017 Winnebago Fuse on a Ford Transit Chassis. An issue just came up where there is a beeping alarm when the emergency brake is released. We have checked the slide out, awning and even the passenger swivel seat to make sure all are secured in place. The RV drives fine with no issues. The Brake light on the dash goes out when the brake is released so it doesn't seem to be a brake issue. Please advise any suggestions to this issue. Thanks. Greg
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