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  1. Tom - I couldn't agree with you more - very frustrating - and responses like the one above are a big part of the problem. We are on our 3rd RV, this time a Class A - and I'll be the first to say I joined FMCA mainly for the magazine and website access - chapters generally do not welcome families. I checked into all the ones in my local area - sent quite a few emails and only had 1 chapter even bother to respond - so that tells me the chapters aren't even interested in new blood. I even sent an email to the then National President - he quickly responded, forwarded my note to the Regions - and then I had only 1 more chapter bother to respond. I went to one gathering and was the youngest by at least 20 years - and received several dirty stares when our 6-year olds "were making too much noise". And unfortunately I found that a lot of chapters had many of their gatherings Mon-Thurs - which is definitely not family friendly. And I would disagree that it's just generally retired folks that can afford to own a MH. I know several families that own MHs - but I'm the only FMCA member - one of them even joked it should be called the "RMCA" (Retired MCA). With the general lack of disinterest I've experienced from the chapters thus far, we'll just keep finding places to explore on our own. Our 6-year old twins love going out in the MH, so we'll keep exploring. We let them have fun - but we do keep them in check - however when we go out for a weekend of fun, it will involve some noise - schools keep removing physical activity and recess so there is more time for academics, so the kids have to burn off energy somehow. And when mine get a bit out of control, they'll spend some time sitting on a bench until they have it under control and are ready to continue. Personally, anymore, I see it's inconsiderate adults that are a bigger problem than out-of-control kids at many campgrounds. I'll keep FMCA, again mainly for the magazine, and because I found that I like the website info both here and on RV.Net. We are being transferred from Omaha to Colorado Springs next month, so we'll see what the Colorado area has to offer us.
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