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  1. Welcome to the club, we have a Winnebago 2009 Model Tour 40 KD on a 2008 Freightliner Custom Chassis. Dealer invoiced Winnebago over 40K Dollars for warranty work of which most of it was not corrected. Continue to have problems with unit, had to replace every cheap water check valve, tank fill valve, on the cold and hot water system, replaced the refrigerator to an all electric, it failed just after two years of service. The Alpine GPS became obsolete with no upgrades available just after purchase. The Sony Camera Monitor has been obsolete, and is totally out. The rear Engine compartment door detached itself from the the rear shell, all of the glued hinges, latches and other components just separated from the shell. We used aircraft quality epoxy to glue all of the components back together. We have to continually tighten or change fasteners throughout the Motor Home. The Basement air conditioning system is of very poor design, the in roof duct system is constructed of unsealed Styrofoam blocks that are just randomly loosely installed in the roof trying to direct air to the proper channels, but it scatters everywhere so actuality the system has to cool the entire roof before it starts to cool the interior. On hot days the system will never cool the interior. Driving on hot days we have to run the engine and basement A/C. The front furnace is also poorly designed, very little air enters the front portion of the unit. Most of the warm air heats up the basement storage area, we have to use electric space heaters to warm up the front of the coach. I can go on and on. This is the most poorly constructed vehicle we have ever experienced. Happy to say, we have had no problems with the Freightliner Custom Chassis Old Cajun
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