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  1. (Just looking to vent) We have 2011 Newmar Ventana diesel 40' that we bought in the fall of 2017 and it has been one big money pit. Clutch fan assembly fell off an hour north of the highway driving from the dealership. (7k) had to be towed. Supposedly Spartan no longer makes that particular Cumins fan assembly and had to be rebuilt. Turbo replaced ($7k) Had to be towed once more. Engine water pump ($1k) Instant water heater replaced ($3.6k) Atwood electric jacks all replaced ($3.5k) Current problem is that both roof AC units no longer work and it is $4k just for the units and need to add labor cost. And much more such as the front window day shade mounts are so poorly made that the shade had fallen off onto the dashboard not once but twice. Removed it and put it into the basement. To get any work done by Newmar or by the dealership it is a four-month waiting period. Obvious new sales take precedence over existing customers. And because it is not warranty work, you can forget about Newmar ever considering covering the cost. Luckily the dealership covered the cost of the first issue of the fan assembly. All other costs have been paid by us. Newmar is supposed to be a top brand. I am furious at them. Bought only last Aug of 2017 and now we are going trade it because we need a reliable unit for my work. We travel all over North America. All total we will lose about 50k to 60k when we trade it in for something more reliable. We are contemplating buying a new tag axle but Newmar can forget about it. For all those who buy a new or used Newmar, God bless you, and I hope it is treating you well.
  2. We own a Newmar Ventana 2011 with the comfort drive. Bought the RV only 5 months ago. Drives excellent in any wind conditions. Quality and reliability on the other hand is something we are very disappointed with. 1- Engine clutch fan assembly failed and need to be rebuilt because they no longer made them for the Spartan model we have = $7,000 2- Engine water pump failed - $800 3 - Electric level jack(s) failed and no longer supported - $5,000 to replace all and no alternative! 4- Air conditioner system wire shorted out and had to be fixed 5- Front window day and night shades brackets failed and need fixing 6- Kitchen slideout gear chain broke and needed repairing 7- Precision Temp hydra water heater sensor failure 8 - Precision Temp hydra water heater water circulation pump failure 9- Shower drain leaked water into the basement and needed to be replaced. 10- Ice maker in frig shorts out and the breaker panel will not allow it to run. 11- Numerous basement door latches and doors will not stay aligned and some have to be replaced To say my wife and I are furious about the poor quality and durability of our new to us 2011 Newmar Ventana is an understatement. Every day we look for something else to go wrong and have a very hard time to get it fixed. The dealer we purchased it from service department is scheduling out 2.5 months and is located a great distance from us because of our travels. We bought it only 5 months ago thinking that Newmar's quality and durability to be one of the better brands. We truly regret buying this RV and now are already looking to replace it. We will have lost tens of thousands of dollars purchasing and trading this RV for another one. Do you want to purchase this one from us? Make an offer.
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