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  1. I have 3 maintance free heavy duty deep cycle 95 AH @ 285 total and room for 1 more if if needed. I plan to mount the inverter in a seto perate compartment adjcent to the batteries , 3 foot cables will reach from my research it looks like enough to brew coffee and make toast ,and bacon in the microwave ,seperatly of course.Running the TV alone looks to be about 16 hr .I have concerns about putting my charger in the equasion I know it won't be a prepetual motion machine ,but would the supplement converter be of advantage
  2. probbibly should have added that I want a hard wired unit,th only ones I can find start at 3kw .I have read that they don't preform well if at a minimum load
  3. in response to both mrboyer and shield, I'm looking for a minimum of a 2kw unit, charger is not necessary-- already have a 60Amp converter, float charger. I want to be able to run the coffee maker, micro and TV system. I have considered going up to a 3kw and putting the charging system on as well, but not sure if the load would out way any advantage.
  4. I have been doing a lot of research on various brands: Aims, Wagen, Power Bright etc. In reading the reviews, they all have good ones and all have some horror stories as to service and replacement issues. Any suggestions?
  5. Thank you all for your input. I sure make it a lot easier when you have input from seasoned vetern. Thanks so very much Greg & Diana
  6. We want to pick up a good road atlas, but also want one that's the most up-to-date and useful. The FMCA store road Atlas & Travel Guide looks great, but indicates its 2008? Also, is the 2009 RVer's Friend worth purchasing? Thanks. Greg and Diana, On our 1st real adventure
  7. Hi. I'm new to the FMCA family, today as a matter a fact. Hi, all. On to the subject ... We recently purchased a 1996 allegro Bus,39',from a private party, one-owner coach. Chuck took unleivable care and maintance of the rig: 80K miles, 300 Cummins, all the service records and repairs back to '96. I have been checking the Internet, etc. for extended warranties, and have found only 2 that will right a coach that old. One is Titen they want an inspection at a cost of around $300 to $400 with no gaurantee and at a cost of around $3,800 for a 2 yr 24 k warranty. That would be basicly bumber to bumper on moving parts. The other company is Agape auto warranties of Chandler, AZ. Good rating with BBB A-, for 2yr 24Mo at around $2,200 with $100 deductable and 30-day waiting, period no inspection. I have received about 1 dozen emails from the Titen people -- a little pressure, and no pressure from Mike at Agape. My question is has anyone dealt with either of these companies? I'm not a real fan of extended warranties, but a coach that is 13 years old does concern me. One AC unit, engine, transmission, etc. will run me way more. Thanks. Greg and Diana Everett, Wash.
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