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  1. Thanks, that’s good information. We will certainly take that into consideration. Rick and Sharon
  2. We are going to Beaver Lake Campground in Custer SD tomorrow for 5 days after being in Sioux Falls getting our mailing address and licenses. After that we want to go down the Pacific Coast Highway before staying in Casa Grande, Arizona beginning October 1st. Any suggestions as for how far north we should go in Washington or Oregon to start south on the Pacific coast highway? Rick and Sharon
  3. We have a friend that was in a motorcycle accident Sunday and is in the hospital in Omaha. We’re going to see him tomorrow and plan on being there a few days. Of course there’s no way I can find a site due to the holiday. We have a 37’ motor home. Any suggestions? Rick
  4. Thanks everyone. It was wet again this morning however I didn’t check it last night like I meant to. I replaced the paper towel (only 1) with a dry one and will check again tonight.
  5. We found water coming from under the sinks in our bathroom, about a tablespoon, two days in a row now. I find dampness on a cold water hose but when I dry it it stays dry. We are in a high humidity area and have had a lot of rain these past few days. I’ve checked the fittings and found no leaks. Is it possible that it’s condensation? It’s also been cold so we’ve used the heater a lot (Propane). The pictures show where I put paper towels under the lines so I can check before bed time to see if it happens during the day.
  6. Thanks Rich, but it appears I have to join the club for $50/year at that link
  7. 2016 Holiday Rambler Vacationer my monitor panel shows the red indicator lights working but the black and gray tanks always empty. The fresh water tank and lpg shows correctly. Any ideas on that?
  8. Thanks everybody! I’ll see what I can do and let you know.
  9. When I’m using city water the fresh tank slowly fills and overflows, so I’ve been using normal and filling the fresh water tank as needed. The water pump comes on about every 10 seconds. Does this sound like the valve is bad?
  10. Thank you! That’s exactly what I wanted to know from the beginning but did not know how to ask.
  11. Sorry for the confusion. I was concerned that using a 10 amp power source on a system that stated “2 amp max” might cause a problem. As the unit is very expensive, I don’t want to take any chances of messing it up. I talked to tech support at Blue Ox and they said it requires a minimum of 2 amps. Must be an error in their literature. Thanks for your input. I feel better knowing that others have been using a separate power source with no problems.
  12. Thanks! We too have our lights wired directly from the motor home connection. When I look for battery jumpers with 12 volt power output (cigarette lighter female attachment) I find 12 volt 10 amps. The patriot system says it requires 12 volt plugin 2 amp max. Does this mean I can’t use the 12 volt 10 amp unit? what type of jumper do you use?
  13. I have a patriot II braking system and would like to have a separate power source since I have to disconnect the battery while towing. I don’t want to have to run another wire through the car. Any suggestions on a power source?
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