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  1. Thanks for your ideas. Since posted, we have gone to Sac Truck where they couldn't find a problem. Then to Superior in Newcastle where they took the radiator out and showed us the road junk that clogged the bottom third of the radiator. Makes us wonder what the previous repair folks didn't see and did/didn/t do. They also noted the corrosion inside the radiator caused by plain old water being used rather than antifreeze in the radiator. So, that being said, our weather is still cold and we won't be testing the new radiator in hot weather for a couple of months. But, a big thanks to your suggestions as well as those other forum and blogs. Had we not traveled so many miles before this overheating began, we would have possibly thought the engine was too small also.
  2. 2007 45’ Monaco Dynasty; ISL400; Allison transmission; custom chassis built by Roadmaster; side radiator; 60K miles; Since we overheated 2 years ago, we have had a constant overheating problem when the ambient temp is over 80 degrees and engine underloaded. I've learned to downshift and have become very aware of the timing of heating and fan starting. It seems to me that the fan doesn’t come full on at the right times. Downshifting helps only to an extent. When I run the rpms above 2200, the temp will hold. I’ve tried both automatic and manual shifting and found that it makes no difference. Multiple times the coach has been checked and “repaired” in Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Sacramento, El Paso, and Coberg. The following things have been done: Silverleaf twice showing overheating, but no correction; thoroughly cleaned radiator; checked for blockages; replaced engine water thermostat multiple times; set radiator fan to full speed and checked to assure that fan speed is correct; flushed radiator; and replaced control valve associated with the hydraulic fan pump. I’ve been to Cummins, Freightliner, a Sacramento truck repair and also a reputable RV repair, and key RV places in Coberg. It was checked by the engineer who designed the Monaco system and now works independently. I do not know whether the CAC has been cleaned or whether the cap was changed. Will have that done next week. What are other areas to check? Any thoughts on qualified repair places in the Sacramento area? thanks! Thanks for the suggestions on Forum topics. We've done them except for the CAC and cap.
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