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    Tire Insurance

    you guy’s missed my point. Looks like GS and CN have a an insurance policy that has a full coverage that covers tire replacement if needed, mounting etc. my especific question was if soneone had any recomendation in dealing or working with any of those companies or any other one.Non a lecture about tire usage, excesive wear and tear and so on. Thank you . Please check or Google CN Tire protection
  2. makaira

    Tire Insurance

    Greetings, we are looking for recommendations about tire protection insurance. We just received a flyer from GS about tire protection. Are there any other companies that have a similar plan? Full coverage of tires? Thank you in advance. Makaira
  3. Sorry, guys but according to the weather chanel around Gallup the wind was sustained from 25 to 30. Sadly to tell you that ongoing heavy traffic was on the 70,s Been on the road over 50 years...
  4. As we where driving on I-40 westbound from Gallup to Winslow AZ we encountered heavy cross winds about 30 mph head on coming from the SW...probably some gust winds of 50 MPH,, but then we drove over a patch on the road that only the right tires rod over it, maybe 10 ft long,,, right there we got some shear wind that vertically lifted the front part of rig right into the left lane..thank God it was no traffic coming behind us because it would have hit us... thank God i had the air brake engaged.. as i lost total control of the vehicle for a space of 2 seconds or three i didn’t panic with over correcting and kept the steering whell on a straight position, although our chase car had a tremendous sway, but it stay on line behind us. This incident hard to comprehend due to the wind conditions coming from the SW we got sudenly hit buy a gust wind on the oposite direction and violently pushed a 30000 lbs rig like a piece of paper.. while at the same time big rigs where passing us over 70 MPH. My speed was about 50/55. Our rig is a Winnebago Journey 36M , Maxum Chassis XCL, tires Michelin, Tire pressure 100lbs. basically everthing in standard condittion and regulations. Suspension Air bags with a straight frontal axle. My question to the forum, have anyone ever experienced anything close to this? And what recomendations you have for us? After this horrible experience any bit of cross winds even at 10mph are terrifying for us to drive. Actions taken meanwhile... talked to Michelin about tire pressure gave them my last cat scale weight and they recomended to lower the pressure to 90 to front and 97 to rear axle... we have noticed a smother right after that. We called as well Freigtliner about ad ons to prevent ad well rolling side to side on turns and any little imperfection on the road or passing trucks and they were of not help. We have been reading about MCU units from Henderson that may help to the rolling motion and also installing an steering aid? Are these ad ons really work? Any advise will be very helpfull. Thank you and my apologies for this very long posting.... Makaira
  5. thank you all for your responses... Feel better now. We stay in PS for 2 weeks, then to Durango.... Fire allowing... We hope it rains before
  6. Need info on Hwy 84 to Chama and 64W to Pagosa Springs. Driving a 36 DP with a toad. Any hard hills?
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