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  1. Thanks for the input. I had heard that a charge controller may be needed. When would one be needed or would a fuse do the same thing?
  2. neilcarol

    Solar Power

    I am thinking of getting a small solar panel to keep batteries charged (house and/or motor). what size would be better? do I need anything else to protect the battery?
  3. Thanks for all your input. We are coming from St Louis MO..
  4. But how is the driving, is it all 4 lanes?
  5. We will be at FMCA rally in Gillette and want to go to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and on to Cheyenne, Looking for the best route with least mountains (first time in mountains).
  6. Thanks for all the input. When we go back to the Ford truck mechanic we will pass all info to them. in the mean time we do drive in the right lane so we can coast to the shoulder if it should happen again.
  7. No, not an unusually hot day, and if we sit for a just a couple of minutes it starts up. Tiffin told us to replace the crank shaft sensor, but the Ford motor place didn't really think it was that.
  8. Will it help to put blocks under the front or the back jacks?
  9. When leveling our motorhome and the front wheels leave the ground, what is the best way to correct this (without moving sites)?
  10. We have a 2012 gas Allegro Open Road, 4 months old. On our first trip while going up a hill, in first gear, high revs, all power shut down (eng./elec). It happened again last week on the interstate in cruise -- again, high revs. Shut down again. So far dealer is stumped. Any ideas?
  11. We want to stop overnight between Rolla and Springfield on 44 in Missouri, any suggestions?
  12. We are leaving Gulf Shores AL and heading to St Louis. What type of service stations, truck stop, general services does highway 45 have between Mobile and Tupelo before we hit the interstate?
  13. Compare the 7710 to the 5510.
  14. We ended up at Red Bay longer than expected and the Gulf was clear by the time we went. Its Saturday here at Orange Beach and beautiful. Thanks for all your help.
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