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  1. Transwest replaced them the first time and it is in their shop again. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all of the feedback! I have to ask what are Draw Keys? The shimming I understand.
  3. I have had them greased and it has never been underwater. I am trying to work with Transwest Truck to get to the bottom of it but do not know much about this. About the only thing I know about king pins is keep them greased and they should last almost forever. So just trying to find out if they would be at the very least partially at fault for improper installation?
  4. I have a 2014 coach with a XC-S chassis with about 31,000 miles. At about 17K I have to replace the king pins and now at 31,000 mile I am told I need king pins replaced again. Any help, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Gary
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