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  1. we will need a supplemental brake system for our car. What are your favs. Thanks, Rich
  2. We are buying 2018 Lincoln MKX FWD. Owners manual walks you through steps to set up for towing 4 down. Has anyone had problems with this car towing. Thanks
  3. We need to have some repairs done and would like to know if anyone has experience with dealers in IL. We lost our awning in a windstorm in SD and need a few other repairs. We are in Oswego about 60 mi west of Chicago. We have a Tiffin Open Road. They only have two dealers at this time and neither has gotten good reports on the Tiffin network. We do know of a place near Kankakee that we used many years ago but didn't know if there was anyone out there who might have recommendations. We were hoping that we wouldn't need to travel so far at this time due to other time constraints.
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