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  1. I am trying to find a replacement outlet cover plate (see picture) called Monaco but no help. Does anyone know where I can get one.
  2. I know it is late to answer for I had the same problem-- my bedroom slide was leaking bad. At first I took the moldings off to see if I can find the leak. No such luck. Upon inspecting further inspection on the roof, I notice that my awning on the slide out was torn loose (threading come out) and this made a funnel that poured all the water into the gasket causing the gasket to come away from the side of the motorhome and thus the water was pouring into the top of the slide out into the bedroom. I re-inserted the gasket and sewed the awning back in place. NO further leaks. This may or may not be your problem but might help other RV's with a leak problem.
  3. I agree with you about having Ford paying for the lube kit from Remco. I have had 3 transmissions but into my Escape and Ford still says they have no problems. Yes, they reimburse me for my dolly rentals and extra campground stays but still the time it takes driving a motor home thru town to the local U-haul to have the dolly hooked up and the extra gas doesn't compensate me for all the times that the transmission decides to go south. I can tow the Escape sometimes for 300 miles or more with no problems but sometimes it only takes about 2 hours on the road when she start smoking and have to pull over. Sure I will get the pump installed just to keep my blood pressure down and have piece of mind when taking a trip.
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