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  1. Our Norcold 1201 LRIM refrigerator loses about 1 Degree per hour when we are driving. I've experienced this when on propane, the generator, and the inverter. It typically cools down over night, but then the same thing happens the next day on the road. I did raise the vent cover about 1" to help cool the unit because we were having trouble getting it down to temperature, but I did that long before I started experiencing this current problem. Any suggestions?
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    Remote Entry

    That is exactly what the problem was. Thanks!
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    Remote Entry

    I have a 2006 Winnebago Journey with remote entry door and cargo door locks. The remote and the inside button work the cargo doors OK, but the entry door does not lock or unlock with either the remote or the inside button. When I push the "unlock" button, lights flash and the porch light comes on like it is supposed to, but there is no sound or action at the door lock itself. I suspect that the problem lies inside the door, but just not sure. Any ideas?
  4. I recently experienced a loss of power in my 300 hp Cummins in a 2006 Winnebago Journey. The diagnosis was water in the fuel and the remedy was to replace the in-line fuel strainer and the fuel filter. My question is how do I get rid of the water that may be remaining in the tank, short of draining the tank; and how do I keep this from happening again. I top off the tank when the motorhome is in storage, but it never is in storage over 6-8 weeks at a time. Typically it's on the road for several months at a stretch.
  5. The heating element on my Atwood 10 gal water heater has failed and I need to replace it. I have a 2006 Winnebago Journey and I'm not sure if I need to remove the heater itself, and if so, how do I do that?
  6. I recently had to replace the satellite dome on my 2006 Winnebago Journey (Fiberglass Roof). Naturally, the foot print of the new dome did not match to old dome foot print. What is the best method to plug and seal the screw holes from the old mount? Any sealant better than others?
  7. What voltage should I see when I measure between the four points on a 50-amp plug? If I measure right or left side to neutral or ground, I read 120 volts. If I measure right side to left side, what should I read?
  8. I currently have three 12v deep cycle batteries for my house batteries. They are approaching the end of their useful life and I would like to replace them with 3 new 12v batteries rather than go the 6v route. Which type of battery would be best? We typically travel six months a year and dry camp for up to two weeks at a time during our travels.
  9. I tow a 2008 Honda CR-V behind a 2006 Winnebago Journey (diesel). I have a problem with exhaust fumes and fine soot entering the Honda while towing. I turn off the a/c switch and place the air switch in the recirculate position so supposedly now air enters the car's cockpit. However, I continue to get the soot from the motorhome exhaust inside the car. Any ideas how to stop this?
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