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  1. Very interesting pass it along .
  2. Town Of clay in Central New York is Planning to Limit Motorize Vehicles to 14000 gvw park in drive ways . No Grandfathering of current Rvs . Also may include trailers to. Has any one else run into this kind of thing. Right now in planning stage. wiil not effect me as i live one town over, but one town than next.
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    FR3 motor home

    Motor home FR3 Forestriver and rally
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    FR3 Factory

    From the album: FR3 motor home

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    Fr3 factory

    From the album: FR3 motor home

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    At home

    From the album: FR3 motor home

  7. From the album: FR3 motor home

    Headed out Nov.
  8. It only applies to vehicles that have a USDOT number. That make lots of sense. In NEW YORK, an RV over 26000 requires an RV endorsement which is a written test and a road test, so far found no one that has done that. That for a non commercial license. Thanks for all the help
  9. Dose any one have any info on new DOT law coming into effect in December 18. Seem that some are saying it will effect all RVs both towed and driven. Iam from New York Class A motor home under 26000 and none Commercial Plates.
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