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  1. Got a quick FMCA response. President letter of concern. Response contractor refunding cost of our hotel. I highly recommend Harrisonburg/Shenandoah Valley KOA. They did not charge us ( deposit) for the night we missed and then came up with a beautiful site for our three day decompression / get new tire. Fabulous hosts .
  2. 3:30 PM, 8 Sep 2021, On interstate I-81 southbound just over VA border. Left front tire on Phoenix Cruiser 3100 explodes at 60 MPH. Control maintained and drifted to right side of highway. 3:38 PM called FMCA roadside assistance. Location established and was told service would be there in 45 minutes. Hours later after numerous phone calls we were informed service on route to us had departed Washington DC about 7:30 pm with two hours until time of arrival. 8:30 pm, five hours after calling FMCA two travelers age 83/75 are sitting in a RV running out of gas ( gen running 84 degrees outside), weather is warning dangerous storms in area, big trucks are thundering by, toad engine running with flashers on - thinking where is our service. approximately 8:54 pm a small sedan pulls in front of us and the occupant informs us he is there to change tire. I think he was an Uber Driver who changed tires part time. No safety equipment, no reflective clothing, no lighting system, no flares or reflectors- he removed the bad tire ( coach up on our jacks) and installed the spare using light from his cell phone which I had to hold. Meanwhile the trucks are thundering by twenty feet away in the rail. He departed for his two hour trip back to DC. It was 70 miles to our intended campground and we were too physically and mentally exhausted to continue. We drove to the nearest hotel which was maxed out and spent $149.00 for one of the few rooms available. we are now camping at the same site for three days just to recover from the experience.
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