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  1. The blue devil stop leak did the trick. I only used enough for a half gallon system though I'm sure it holds more fluid than that. Also worked on the massive leak on my snow plow cylinder. The stuff works great.
  2. I'm still young enough to give the beer Brewers a little work though.😎
  3. Gonna stay in Casa Grande, Out of the city but close enough to drive to the different parks. Looking forward to some 80 degree temps. The winters seem to get more intolerable the older I get.
  4. Arizona spring training. Gonna catch some Brewers games. Leaving from central Wisconsin.
  5. Will wait till I get south. Thanks for the advice.
  6. It's getting close to the departure date for my first rv trip. The forecast temps for the day are a high of 36 and a low the night before of 19. If I have the heater running can I de- winterize the RV and fill it with water or should I wait until I get further south?
  7. I too found out HWH is the manufacturer. I also have been told they no longer do hydraulics for RV's. I have yet to contact them. The leak is at the pump.
  8. I'll look through my manuals and see if they mention the manufacturer. Thanks.
  9. Can anybody tell me the hydraulic fluid capacity in a 2003 35 foot Winnebago Adventurer? I have a small leak at the pump and was advised to try Blue Devil hydraulic stop leak before spending a fortune trying to replace seals. I need to know the capacity so I will know how much to use.
  10. Thanks for the tips, I'm currently in central Wisconsin, Amherst area. Planning our first trip out to spring training in Arizona in March, gonna catch some Brewers games. Think I'll rent a car though. I'd prefer making the first trip without worrying about a tow
  11. I'm Norwegian and I could have better health. I'm a 13 year surviver of late stage 3 lung cancer and the combination of radiation, chemo and cancer did a number on me. But hey!!!! I'm still here and about to take part in a dream I never thought I would fulfill.😊
  12. That clears it up. Thank you and this is a great forum for learning about RV ing.
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