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  1. i have used the equal product on my old coach and thought it was well worth it. In fact I have priced it out to have them installed on my new coach and have the ugly wheel weights taken off. I am still trying to justify the cost to do it to wheels that are balanced just to make the wheels look better with out the weights hanging on them.
  2. i have a 2010 Tiffin 35QBA and i would have to agree with those that would not want them on there coach. But i did install them on the top of the coach ( no one can see them ) for one reason and one reason only to keep the rear camera from getting so dirty and they have worked. They keep the camera clean and the back of the coach cleaner. I don't know whether it has helped keep my tow vehicle any cleaner because i never towed before installing them but the car I tow, a 2011 Buick Regal stays very clean and I live in the Seattle area where rainy-sloppy roads are the norm.
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