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  1. Just got into the 40 foot motorhome before it was truck campers then a class C wish I had stopped at 35 feet so many National Parks have a 35 foot limit, have yet to take a trip in it I wanted to do several short trips first the D/W wants to just head out to Oregon in March she thinks big. Wrinkles is a necessary travel companion but he is getting up in age like me. Hope to see some friendly faces on the road
  2. Rochel you can utilize famparks on military bases, some f the best campgrounds in the world and you know you will be safe, and any change of duty you can check in to one at your new base and look for housing early without being rushed also when going down I75 in Macon Georgia their is a shriners campground not crowded and lots of room
  3. I have a service dog (he was not a pet I did even know what kind of breed it was going to be) I was shocked to see a trainer bring out a Basset Hound on a leash. Because of his keen nose he could detect the changes in my body chemistry. One of our problems was everyone wanted to pet the cute dog. fortunately it never stopped him from alerting me, he is older now still does his job and wants to do it, but he is an old man now I guess we both are, my problem was people would say he can not be a service dog. Well he has saved my bacon many times, and I will be broken hearted when I lose him in fact no matter how valuable a life saver service dogs can be the loss of one is doubly hard so say hello to my friend Wrinkles. We now live part time in Monaco diesel pusher the added 20 feet is sure different than the class C so far though I have to say we had more fun in the first truck camper maybe things will settle in after the first month. And by the way I was told by the organization that gave him to me that he was a rescue taken out of a pound .
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