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    Pirelli Tires

    Thank you for the reply. I will do my best to check the inner wall. I checked out FMCA and it looked like my lowest cost option would be closer to $350-375. Not a huge difference in cost and I may just go with the more well known brand RV brand.
  2. brlewis01

    Pirelli Tires

    Hi all, New (used) RV purchase and would like to put new tires on the back as they are not date stamped. The current (rear) tires are Goodyear RV tires and appear to be good on tread and sidewall but the tread is wavy on the outside and inside edge (something I believe is called rivering???). The front tires are goodyear and were new last year so my only concern is the drive tires. I have located Pierlli 27580R 22.5's (H) that will put me at about $270 each installed. Can't find much on these as Pirelli seems to new to the truck game in the US but I am aware of their automotive tires. Any feedback or ideas? Thanks
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