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  1. Just a recount of my first experience with Roadside Rescue: A couple weeks ago I curbed a curbside front wheel passing through a narrow toll gate. The only damage other than my pride appeared to be a small scuff on the wheel. We put the 2003 Beaver Monterey away in our shop/storage building and went on with life. On 5/25/22 I noticed that the MH was down almost on the wheel rim and the tire bead was separated from the wheel. Closer inspection revealed that the TST Tire Pressure transmitter and valve stem were slightly displaced and scuffed. I tried most of the tricks that I know to inflate the tire (with the exception of one that I have never used on a tire that large and was a little fearful of) so that the source of the leak could be determined for sure and repaired. I also tried to remove the wheel so that I could take the pair to a tire shop. No joy with the available tools. I finally decided yesterday 5/26 to ask Roadside Rescue if they could send service to remove the wheel for me or at least inflate it so that I could drive to the tire shop. At 09:57 I called and talked with the call screener and they asked many questions regarding membership and physical specifics of the vehicle and situation. They determined that the service was covered and that they would connect me with a "Roadside Connect" service scheduler. Most of the questions were repeated with the exception of location, vehicle size etc. About an hour and a half later a tech from "Mr. Quick Pick" out of Tulsa, OK showed up in a minivan with a four-way and apologies for not being able to help with a large vehicle! I called Roadside Rescue back and was connected with a different service scheduler. They didn't ask as many questions as I suppose that the original ticket was still open. They put me on hold for a good while. When they came back on I was told that the service provider could not inflate the tire or remove a wheel and that they could only tow the MH to a service shop! This was not an option due to building height and and a concrete drive not rated for a heavy rescue vehicle. I then called a local truck shop, and one hour and $256 later the tire was inflated. I will monitor the leak situation and drive to a tire shop if necessary. I will not being renewing the Roadside Rescue plan and will instead just pay for service that I schedule.
  2. New coach owner here. Learning a lot with a lot left to learn! We bought a 2003 Beaver Monterrey early this year and are using it regularly. However there have been and are many items that either don’t work or don’t work properly. I have run down and repaired or replaced several of these and the coach is quite usable and comfortable. I’m now chasing more minor issues. Just got the rear view camera and monitor going and would like to see if the Aladdin system might be made operable. I found a lot of the sensors in a waste tank bay, but I can’t find the control module or the reset button ANYWHERE! Any hints will be appreciated. Monaco Tech just said “dunno, we didn’t build it”. (Have checked all cabinets inside the coach, multiple times. Have not pulled the front tv to check behind it.)
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