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  1. We do not understand either. We noticed that four of our rear tires were bad. Went to Pete's in Coachilla. We had purchased two Michelin Tires the previous year for the front of the Coach and paid a lot less. We asked the manager at Pete's if this was the best deal as we had paid less for the front tires. He said that was the best price he could give, but if we went to the FMCA Rally in Indio they were giving some "great buys." Unfortunately, the FMCA Rally in Indio was a week after we had to leave, and we did not want to drive any further on the tires we had as they were dangerous. We have been FMCA members since 1996 (FMCA#222108) and should have qualified for any FMCA discounts available. When we got to our destination in Yuma, we were talking to some of the FMCA people and they said that the Michelin Tire Advantage Program was not just for Rally attendees, but is available to any FMCA member. With this knowledge, we called Pete's in Coachilla and the manager advised he would check into this and call us back. Two weeks went by and no call, so we called Pete's. The manager said he had contacted his "corporation" and they would not honor the program. We feel they should have honored the program inasmuch as we paid by Visa Credit card (in fact, still paying - four tires do not come cheap). We asked FMCA to look into this on our behalf, but nothing was ever done. We contacted Michelin Tire Company, and they also would not respond.
  2. Yes, this tire company is on the list.
  3. We purchased four new Michelin tires last January - Pete's Automotived in Coachilla did not honor the discount. Tried to get FMCA and Michelin Tire to help - no go! But, we are getting ready to purchase new batteries for the coach which is quite an expense - is there a discount available to FMCA members?
  4. Sure wish someone had something we haven't tried - have tried all of the above and they did not work. First of all, have you ever looked under a motor home for ways critters can get in. They are numerous, plus a mouse can get through a key hole practically. We even this year bought some high dollar rodent repellent. Yes, have tried a cat - she ended up a pet. I guess if you put all the answers out there, the thing that works best is plain old mouse traps. We use a raisin which was recommended by a pest control company.
  5. We travel with our pet cat BeBe. I have really never challenged or even put myself in the position to challenge it, but do RV Parks actually charge for a cat like they do dogs? Our cat never leaves the RV. When I am asked if I have a pet, I simply say no, because I would have to leave the park if I were charged for my cat. Our cat's litter box is disposed of in a sanitary manner, the cat does not make noise, she does not bite; in other words, maybe I am making something out of nothing. But, it seems the RV parks are getting more and more into charging for anything and everything along with increasing the rates. That's why we joined various civic clubs who provide grounds when travelling.
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