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  1. family member did change. farmer,logger, has used cenpeco for almost 20 years. i was present when the oil was changed in the spring. i checked the level several times over the summer. including a trip from madison to green bay and back to dodgeville wis. checked again before going to madison area to camp host in county parks. i have checked the levels each time i gassed up and before setting out. the mechanic is self emplyed and i was present for the work done. sonce the oil was checked by him and me at the time of maintenance, i did not recheck it prior to leaving to store the rig. we were in a county campground with only one other camper and we were away from the park most of the days trying to move an elderly relative. there was no oil on the campsite...we checked. thanks for the interest and i will try to update this as i can. i also am contacting GoodSam RV Action line...who knows?
  2. 1998 Allegro bus. P3012 chev chasis. 454 (7.4L) with allison tranny. 49,600 miles. progressive ins has denied a vandalism claim even after mechinics have said it is the only thing that can explain the loss of 7.5 qts of cenpeco synthetic oil. Six days prior to seizure all fluids were checked by a mechanic. Plugs and wires were replaced. hoses were inspected and the serpentine belt was replaced. after the seizure, our selling dealer inspected the undercarrieage (no visible oil residue) the tail pipe (no soot or burned oil) no oil pan leakage and no oil in the pan... just some sludge. The plugs were inspected and were found to be "out of the box" clean. our dealer and his contacts say it could only be vandalism The insurance co. had the dealer supply them with a oil (sludge) sample and the contents showed metal and glycol among others in the sludge so they are saying that there is not proof of vandalism...what is not said is they believe we had not maintained the rig properly. the whole story is a bit longer, but for brevity sake, while hosting a county campground this summer a camper had to be evicted. He focussed on us and he and his party threatened to "get us". There is no proof this is what happened, but it sure lends credibility to the claim of vandalism.
  3. I have an 1998 Allegro Bus 36 ft. on a P3012 Chevy chasis. I have had the maintenace done regularly and used the Bus full time for just over 4 years and for the last 7years have used the bus for living in Wisconsin 6 months out of the year. The total mileage is 46,900. I have used Cenpeco oil the past 5 years and have had no problem with it. The oil was changed this spring and righ was driven about 600 miles within Wisconsin. The oil was checked a few times over the summer and always was full and clean, clean, clean. The week before storing the vehicle for the winter, I had our mechanic check belts (replaced the serpentine), hoses, change the plugs and wires and recheck all fluid levels. all was o.k. I was driving to the storage location (approximately 65 to 70 miles) when the Bus suddenly lost power (6 miles from destination). The check engine gauges light came on, heat guage began to rise and I pulled to the shoulder and turned off the engine. the result was a tow to my dealer and a subsequent check by them led them to believe vandalism was the cause. There was no oil in the engine. There was no burnt oil residue in the tail pipe. There was no sign of oil dumping or pan failure. the underchasis had no evidence of oil spillage. Has anyone heard of anything like this? The insurance co. (Progressive) cannot explain where 7.5 quarts of oil could have gone with no trace but they are dragging their feet trying to look for a reason to label this negligence on our part. Any help out there?
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