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  1. My wife and I are full-timers. We travel the country moving every 10 to 14 days. We teach as we go - real estate investing and landlording. We work from "home." Currently, we have an ATT data plan. On that plan are two iPhones and two iPads. We also use our iPhones as hot spots when the park doesn't have wifi that reaches our rig...which is usually the case. (Example: typing this while eating lunch at Panera Bread in Denver because the park has a 30-foot circle where one can get wifi. We get 30 gigs on our plan. Often enough, we surpass this amount. ATT then let's us buy 1 gig for $15. This can get very expensive. Checked into getting a JetPack from Verison. All the negative comments about it on this board is reason enough to not get it. (Speed slow to a crawl around 22 gigs.) Just went back to Version store. They offer a device called an Ellipsis Hot Spot. Prepaid, it cost $65/month. We'd get 30 gigs. No contract. Device cost $50. I believe it can be turned on and off, but not positive about this. Idea: Leave Ellipsis turned off. When we get close to running out of data on ATT - which doesn't happen every month - call to have Version device turned on, and switch on-line work to Version's Ellipsis. Is anyone doing this? Has anyone used the Version Ellipsis? Thanks, Bill
  2. Herman, got the dates wrong. Book at Oceanside May 19 through May 29. Look for a nice park to stay May 12-19, 2019. Somewhere north or northwest of San Diego. Bill
  3. My wife and I are full timers. We'll be in the Oceanside, California for the back half of May, 2019. We're booked at Oceanside RV Park from May 19 - 29, 2019. That said, we're looking for a quiet, peaceful place to stay May 12-19, 2019. It can be east of Oceanside. Any recommendations? Bill Cook
  4. Thanks Wolfe10. I agree, oiling will only be a sort term fix. Since I have the time, think we will go for the long-term fix instead. Bill Cook
  5. Rich, You are a wealth of information. Thanks so much! And thanks or the link to the threads. Good read. I will check to see if there are any recalls on my unit. I will check on the price to have a new unit installed, but will probably just replace the motor. Everything else on the furnace is working fine. When replacing the motor, we will service the the unit. Get it cleaned up. Make it pretty. Again, Rich, thanks so much for the help. Bill Cook
  6. We have a 2002 Monaco Diplomat. It has an Atwood furnace. Modle: 8940-III-DCLP tag is on motor. Serial number: 1409656 A few days ago, I began hearing the bearings "squeal" when the furnace fan was turning...they squealed just a bit every once in a while. This morning, bearings began squealing much louder and more often. I turned off the furnace and switched to the two heat pumps. Looks like it needs a new motor. This is a guess on my part. Questions: 1. Best place to buy a motor? 2. Where to find instructions on motor replacement? 3. Can just bearings be replaced? Thanks for any advice you can give. Bill Cook
  7. Fellas, Thanks so very much for the help, time and advice. Much appreciated!!! It was the house battery kill switch by the entry door. Evidently, when I was leaving, my backpack or my hand hit the stitch. This caused me to lose all 12 volt power to the rig, but keep the shore/generator power. Went to Affordable RV Service and Repair in Vegas. Great folks. Like you, they narrowed down the problem to the kill switch in the battery compartment - something I replaced three months ago, or the kill switch by the door, or a GFI plug (probably in the bathroom). When they mentioned the kill switch by the door, a visual image of me trying to get out of the rig with a big backpack on my shoulder came to my mind's eye. Gotta say, I felt really stupid about this whole thing. Glad I learned this lesson when I did. Again, thanks to each of you for your help. It was much appreciated"! Bill Cook
  8. Hey folks, thanks for any help you can give. The Problem: Today part of the power went out in my motorhome (2002 Monaco Diplomat 38' diesel pusher with 202,000 miles). 1. I'm plugged into 50 amp shore power. Volt meter has been stead 117 volt to 120 volts for 10 days. 2. Today I came home to the two a/c not working. Looked at the thermostat; it was blank...no indication of anything - no power. 3. All the outlets work and have power. None of the lights work. The TV and auto satellite dish work. Microwave and Fridge work (fridge is getting a/c, not propane power.) 4. None of the lights work. The thermostat doesn't work. The ceiling vent fans do not work. The outside light does not work. Where do I start working on to solve this problem. Thanks, Bill Cook 770-815-8727
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