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  1. Thanks very much for your reply. At this point, unless someone convince me otherwise, I intend to go for the Protect-A-Tow for 3 reasons: 1 - more coverage because it has no gaps between the Coach and the shield and between the shield and the tow. I was concerned about rock still making their way onto the tow with the Roadmaster product. 2 - I have a motorcycle lift to which I can attach my tow: it makes it longer and Protect-A-Tow offer an extention shield that will still make the full lenght. I will have to do some costomization, but it's OK. 3 - price (not the most important in this case, but still. I will attend the Albuquerque FMCA convention in 2 weeks first, and will then make the purchase.
  2. The "stowaway" referred to by rrbusiness is a bracket that attaches to your motorhome hitch that holds the Guardian behind you motorhome when parked (you cannot drive with it there). You will see it on the Roadmaster website should you be interested.
  3. Unfortunately, that won't work for me. We toad our (new) 2009 CRV for 3000 miles last Fall and came back with rock chips and a broken fog light: my wife (its her car) was not impressed!!!
  4. Thanks very much for your reply Moonwink. Other than the fact that it attaches on the coach and car instead than on the tow bar, I like this product more than the Roadmaster because it is mounted lower which will serve to protect bumper fog lights. Pierre
  5. I have a G37S that I wanted to tow. I inquired deeply with Infiniti and the conclusion was clear: it cannot be towed the 4 wheels down (nor on a dolly since it is a rear wheel drive). I don't know about de-coupler. I ended up buying a Honda CRV (it can be towed 4 wheels down) for my wife (I kept my G37) and she loves her CRV, and I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised: it is not an Infiniti of course, but quite impressive drive nevertheless. Pierre
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  7. I wish to purchase a protection shield to protect my toad from debris from my coach. I have a Roadmaster tow bar, so I have been looking at the Roadmaster shield products (although I am open to other suggested products). Roadmaster offers two different shields: 1 - The Guardian is a vertical wall attaching on the tow bar that blocks the front of the car. This product has been available for quite a while. 2 - The Defender = a new product = a blanket that covers the tow bar horizontally from the coach to the car. I don't want the "bra" type of protection (vinyl jacket attaching on the car) because it takes longer to install and because the friction of the bra on the car scratch the car. I would greatly appreciate any comments/suggestions pertaining to items 1 or 2 or any other product you would recommend. Thanks. Pierre
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