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  1. Hi, I forgot to respond back to the solution of the problem. I had to do a hard reset of the inverter. After that, all was good! Thanks
  2. Hi, My inverter is a Magnum Series Pure Sine. I looked at it and the 30amp breaker was thrown so I pushed it back in. I started the generator and wanted to see if the ME_MR inverter remote control showed that the unit was charging. the menu had the following "CHARGER No AC in" message. This was the same one that we had on shore power. I take this to mean that the inverter/charger is not getting any external power and is working as the invert function and running down the batteries. I will post again after I do the hard reset on the inverter. Thanks
  3. HI, I am new to RVing. Our Fleetwood 2013 Expedition might have a problem with the inverter. We were at a KOA and put the inverter on. We were already attached to 50amp shore power. After a while, we lost total power to the coach. Thought it was a GFI issue, couldn't figure it out. The next day while driving noticed the inverting was inverting, at next destination, after connecting to shore power, the inverter was still inverting, not charging. After a period of time, when the batteries ran down, we lost power again. For some reason, the inverting does not charge while ion shore power. Any suggestions? Thanks
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