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  1. I have a 2008 TIffin Phaeton with florescent ceiling light fixtures. The lense covers are very yellowed and was wondering where a good source for the covers is. Alternatively if I wanted to convert to LED does anyone have suggestions
  2. Our 40’ 2008 Tiffin was recently broken into in our covered RV storage facility. They entered through the shower skylight! They tried to screw driver the ignition but to no avail. Has any one experienced something similar and do you have any ideas for skylight security?
  3. Where is the power steering reservoir located ? can't find it to check level
  4. Interesting I just went to MOPAR and this part isn't found when you search. Are you sure of the part #? thanks
  5. I' am just starting this adventure or nightmare. Dealer knows nothing. Keep just posted
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