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    Verizon FMCA Unlimited plan

    I just joined and reached out to Verizon to get a mifi hotspot via a call to their customer service. It took them a while to figure out which MiFi I should get for the .01. That part worked perfect (5/7/2018). So I received my Mifi in the Mail today and when I called Verizon Wireless Customer service to get my Rate Plan changed to our Group rate with Unlimited Data. I am being told this was an old Rate and it was not being offered anymore. Has anyone else experienced this? Do we have a customer rep that we can call directly to get the rate plan changed? Update: Verizon figured it out, I had a Gizmo on the same account where I was putting the mifi number. so they had to remove my Gizmo then add the Gizmo back to the account after adding the FMCA plan. I was told these devices were and maybe our contract was for single devices. Just the Mifi on a single number account.