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  1. Thanks Eddie...those are exactly my sentiments. BTW - While I was at Perry, I talked with some of the leadership, no one really cared. The old leadership has nice plates, and they don't care about the new members. I spent over 20 years in the US Navy, so I can put up with some really sh*&^ things. People used to take pride in being a part of FMCA, but I don't think that is true anymore. My suggestion to FMCA - get some nice plates that people can be proud of. Not every member wants a plate. New members don't need to be issued plates. They can order them if they want them. (many of the younger RVers don't want them, so why are we spending money sending them something they don't want or need). I don't want to put these cheap placards on my Motorhome. Put out a quality product and I would love to display my membership. Give us some options. We can pay for them!
  2. I recently needed to use FMCA Roadside Assist. First thing I did was log onto to my FMCA Account to see my current Roadside Member #. I could not find anything on my FMCA on line account that showed I was an active member of the road side assist. I located my membership card, but that one was expired (and a new member number is issued with each renewal). I could not find my current one. I looked up my Credit Card, and it showed I had made a current payment. I went to the internet to find the phone number, and I called the 1-800 number for roadside. I was on hold with the automated answer system for over an hour with no one ever answering my call. I eventually got frustrated and hung up after waiting over an hour, and called AAA. They at least answered the phone right away. I am not a happy camper!
  3. What's the point of spending $25 to order another plate of the same design that will fail in six months? I called FMCA Membership. They confirmed that if I ordered a replacement set, it would be the same sticker on a plastic plate that failed the first time.
  4. So, it appears that the older members have a good plaque (Egg). No one seems to care that the new members are not provided something that they can proudly display. FMCA is a great group...why is this issue so tough to resolve?
  5. I have posted a couple of times on FB on my displeasure with the FMCA Eggs. Multiple times my posts were removed by Administrators. It is not fair to say that this is an uncommon problem. And why does FMCA squash a Post that isn't full of sunshine and rainbows? Are we not allowed to express our displeasure and ask our FMCA to improve? I wish FMCA would address my concern instead of keep deleting my posts. The older members have a good FMCA plaque to display - why is it so hard to provide something useful to us newer members?
  6. My plates are two years old and look really bad. I have no issue paying for a quality product to display on my Tiffin, but the FMCA plate makes my motorhome look bad. There should be an option to pay for an upgraded FMCA plate. Why is that not an option?
  7. We just bought a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Does anyone know if this new 2019 requires the wiring harness update for flat towing?
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