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  1. Heading out today to drive the Jeep 2 door and the 4 door and compare. I have 2014 High Country Silverado to sell and I will miss the truck but don't utilize it anymore. I will miss that but will take a look at the Colorado 16 and above. Back in the day I had a 79 Jeep CJ7 and then a 81. Miss those fun jeep times.
  2. I will have to research some Jeeps, CR reports tells us some of the good and bad years of vehicles. I am sure that will be helpful.
  3. I was thinking Jeep anyway. I like the 4 door wranglers. Not new though, maybe a good used one I can find.
  4. New to these Forums, Not sure what words to search under this subject. So many things come up. I have a Jayco Class C Greyhawk and looking to tow something fun and easy to when flat towing. I read somewhat that the Jeep is good. So may vehicles to look at. Just looking for the easiest setup and add some fun. Any ideas?
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