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  1. Chrisk22


    They have one 2019 Bus 37 ap left at La Mesa. We test drove it and the electronic console kept going out. By the time we got back to the dealership the navigation also went out. This i believe is there first year with electronic gauges Again we did not see a difference in handling compared to Red..There asking price out the door on coach(Bus) was $288k. I paid $188k for the 2019 Red.
  2. Chrisk22


    Thats what im thinking also.La Mesa has ordered the Blue ox and patriot braking system. Should be here in a week.
  3. The 2012 has the original gas tank.22.5 gallon tank.The 2 door is having a gas tank being made custom right now due to long arms being installed.
  4. Chrisk22


    Manholt the 2019 Reds are 360 horsepower with the allison 3000 transmission.
  5. I bought the jeep 2012 6.4 hemi , when my 2 door was being done at total auto pros. They did most of the work. Then the ls swap is being done in florida. Total auto only does AEV swaps. The guy i bought it from has 12 jeeps and all aevs. He never takes them off road. He always request gusseting the axles and installing 40s. To be honest the jeep drives on the road and offraod better than any jeep i have ever had. It also has hydrolic steering. It makes it handle like a sports car. I am going to get the 2012 jeep weighed.
  6. Offroad for many years. I have 4 jeeps as of now. 2012 6,4 hemi. 2- 2018 JLs one is mine and one is wifes.Mine is being completed in Florida right now. It is in no way stock now. Dynatrac pro rock 60 axles front and rear.King coil overs .Bead locks etc........It is being finished off with long arms front and rear (the first to be done as of now for 2 door) and 500 hp ls3 . The company is Bruiser conversions.The other is a 77 jeep wagoneer being restored. I have had at least a dozen or more Rubicons and many many other Raptors etc.My problem is i do not have alot of RV experience and flat towing.
  7. Chrisk22


    Manholt are you saying it tows better or is just better in upgrades?
  8. Chrisk22


    jleamont , i test drove the Bus.I did not feel that much difference.As for more upgrades(bus) in the coach it for sure has that. I have not towed my jeep behind it , or either for that matter.The handling appears to be similar.If it would be a big difference i may consider.
  9. It was designed by a truck driver to help with blow outs. I also understand it really helps with ride.
  10. Chrisk22


    We currently have a 2019 Tiffin Red 33aa.It has 360 horsepower and 800 torque. Gross weight of this coach is 32k.We had a sale person contact us about a Tiffin 2019 bus 37ap. 450 horsepower and 1250 torque.Gross weight is 41k.The Red is 10k for towing and i belive the Bus is 15k.We have a jeep that weighs 5500 hundred pounds.Would both coaches pull it close to same?Or would it make a big difference getting the bus. Also it seems they are only asking 280k otd for the bus.It is still new.Thanks
  11. I have not weighed it yet. If i were to guess i would say 1800 pounds heavier on the high side.The coach we have currently has a 10k hitch.
  12. Herman have you ever test drove a newmar with comfort drive?
  13. Thanks Bill thats what we have been told a few times. I agree with you. Thanks for your advice. Thanks much--Chris
  14. My wife and i were wondering if the comfort system on Newmar (TRW) deisels can be installed on our tiffin?Is this comfort drive really that good also?Thanks
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