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  1. You can use mule hide silicone and titex polyester fabric.Install it at 2 gallons per 100 s f area.You can get from ABC SUPPLY near you.That would be a permanent fix.If you want to temp it use elastomeric coating and titex for now. The silicone starts off at a 20 year material warranty.I am a roofing contractor in phoenix.
  2. Chrisk22


    williag why is it called wilderness.It seem you have some info on this?
  3. What is the difference? Does anyone have one.
  4. No Liquid springs is a silicone suspension system used for ambulances and city buses etc...If you have a gas coach i suggest it for sure.Go to https://liquidspring.com/ to check it out.
  5. We just got back from our trip to Prescott. We just had the Liquid springs installed. What a difference it made.It actually it ride much nicer than an air ride.I am very impressed with the handling.I would recommend to all gas coaches.Wow.
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