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  1. Very good suggestions that we never thought of doing. We're on it. Thanks so much.
  2. This has been a problem since the coach was new. In 2005 the dealer installed little black (looks like rubber) shims under the catches to move them out. The doors are very hard to close, we use our knees to push the doors shut . None of the plastic plungers are broken and do not seem to be worn. We just never know when a door will open and of course it opens up completely because of the (air shock cylinders?). I have often wondered if the air temperature change has anything to do with it.They have come open more often in early am and late in the day just before sundown. Bumpy dirt roads have not made them open. We are very hesitant about drilling holes on the outside to install gate latches or hasps and were hoping someone could come up with an aternative fix for us.
  3. Thanks for your response, do you think if we replaced the plastic latches with metal they would stay closed?
  4. All cargo doors on our 2004 Fleetwood Revolution 40' have come open while traveling. The doors are locked and tugged on before departure but one or sometimes two fly open. Much cargo has been lost. Any suggestions?
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