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Towing Tips Needed FORD EDGE 2014

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Would appreciate flat towing assistance from anyone who has an Edge.  Trying to figure out which fuses to remove to shut off the Dash Computer to prevent battery drain.  I try to start it while traveling but that doesn't always work and so I have to boost/charge batt off the RV when I get to my destination.  Is the issue simply resolved by removing the negative batt cable?  Matt

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For a 2014 I think you will have problems reconnecting the fuse or cable with the on-board computer. It is going to reset everything.  I have a 2013 Lincoln MKX and it is an Edge on aesthetic steroids is all.  I have the same problem as you.  Mine is key less start.  Then manual for the Edge states the same thing my manual does.  Start engine and run for 5 minutes and every 6 hours (to long), shift to D then R then N,  Ignition in accessory mode,

My battery will run down if I do not stop every two hours (2-1/2 max) and restart the engine and let run for 5 minutes.  I typically have to take a necessities break every 2 to 2-1/2 hours anyway.  Since I have been doing that I have not had a problem.

The other solution would be to use a "charge line." Here is an example of one type: Charge Line



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